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    first black nfl quarterback nfl lines sunday

    Here's the transcript from Show 56 of Outside The Lines - Who's No. 1? BROADCAST OF SUNDAY, APRIL 22, In the last five years the number of black quarterbacks in the NFL has tripled, and yesterday saw history. Unidentified Male - With the first selection in the NFL draft, the Atlanta Falcons select Michael. NFL. Top 10 Black NFL Quarterbacks of All-Time. By. Trending Top Lists. on Next Story → Top 5 All-NBA Ringless Starting Line -Ups. Related. Details of the history of black players in professional American football depend on the Charles Follis is believed to be the first black professional football player, and Japanese-Scottish quarterback Arthur Matsu, both in , and the first .. the Lines: African Americans and the Integration of the National Football League. first black nfl quarterback nfl lines sunday

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    Why are those specialists overwhelmingly white? Depressed, he increasingly turned to drugs and alcohol; once, teammate Ernie Holmes snatched drugs out of Gilliam's hand in the middle of the locker room and flushed them down the toilet what drugs, we're not told.

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    Ouch Muddbutt Owbama IiI!! But Joe Gibbs, who was the offensive coordinator at Tampa Bay when Williams was there, was the head coach in Washington. Most black players of his generation — and definitely those who came before Moon — could tell similar disheartening stories. Moon was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in

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